Outcomes and Opportunities

Resource Description
Scibridge A student run non-profit, started by JUAMI alumni, that creates hands-on learning kits in the US that get deployed and used in undergrad and high school classrooms in Africa.
JUAMI-OCF* The JUAMI open computing facility. This makes computational resources and software available to members of the JUAMI community, as well as running workshops and training sessions. Software includes Life Cycle Analysis software, scientific computing software (Python and Matlab) and so on. This project grew from a proposal at the 2018 JUAMI school.
JUAMI-OCF-DFT* This is part of the broader JUAMI-OCF project but is funded by Google to provide Computational Materials science calculations (Density Functional Theory calculations) to the JUAMI community. It also runs workshops.
Women Supporting Women in the Sciences (WS2) WS2 is an international initiative unifying and supporting graduate and professional-level women and allies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), while providing outreach to elementary and secondary level students. It grew out of a collaboration at the 2016 JUAMI school in Tanzania.
The JUAMI Research Portal The JUAMI Research Portal is a multi-purpose website serving the growing JUAMI community. It is first and foremost a platform for continued research collaboration between African and US materials scientists, but also a centralized resource including a discussion board, lecture materials from previous JUAMI schools, information about conferences and workshops, and more.
* Apply here for OCF and OCF-DFT if you are part of the JUAMI community.

You are encouraged to request to join the JUAMIexchange Google group to be able to receive notification when the JUAMI applications open.

Past participants had this to say about JUAMI 2016

“JUAMI has given me a better understanding of the entire landscape of sustainable energy technologies.”

98% of students agree that JUAMI advanced their understanding of concepts and theory important in the field of materials science

“[JUAMI] has helped me see how the ‘pieces fit together’… scientist and engineer can work together on addressing larger design problems.”

Around 70% of students have identified new collaborators due to JUAMI

“Relationships! This was probably the most important part of JUAMI.”

“I can better understand where my research fits, and the direction in which It needs to go to create progress.”

98% of students agree that JUAMI was worth the 2 weeks spent and would recommend it to a colleague

“I’ve been reinvigorated to complete such international research collaborations now and I see them as real and attainable possibilities.”

“I have gained the chance of a lifetime to broaden my network with various individuals from different countries who share similar goals and a vision as myself.”