JUAMI aims to bring a high-quality educational experience to students and also impact participant’s lives in a way that outlives the two-week-long schools. Thus, a key component of JUAMI is student-led project development, and students are given ample time in the program for this activity. You will present your project ideas towards the end of the two week school. You will receive critical feedback on how to make a compelling case and how to bring your ideas to fruition. Proposal topics have ranged from the extraction of organic conductors from cashew shells, to SciBridge, a collaborative effort to introduce nanoscience educational kits to Ugandan schools, to the creation of the JUAMI Research Portal.  In some cases, strong proposals have gone on to win funding support from outside agencies, most notably, the MRS Foundation. Other collaborations are sustained organically because of mutual interest. In some cases, JUAMI alumni have spent time in the laboratories of JUAMI instructors as a part of their doctoral studies.