As part of JUAMI 2016, an international group of students, led by Y. Christopher Li of Penn State, created a teaching kit that combines the fabrication of a low-cost microcontroller-based potentiostat and a LabVIEW-generated graphical user interface. The team worked on the design and fabrication of this device for several months after generating the idea as a collaborative research proposal during their two weeks in Arusha. The group received financial support from the MRS Foundation, and their efforts culminated in a publication in the Journal of Chemical Education.

Example measurements made using the JUAMI potentiostat are documented in the recent publication, “Implementation of a Low-cost Potentiostat for Teaching Electrochemistry: Hardware and Software,” J. Chem. Education 95 1658-1661 (2018) All the necessary instructions and information, including schematics for the potentiostat, circuit layout, electronic components, case fabrication, step-by-step instructions for assembly, software user interface and detailed operating instructions are available in the Supplementary Material to that publication.