JUAMI features tutorials on cutting-edge energy materials topics, hands-on experiments and learning activities, and research seminars by top materials scientists. JUAMI 2018 was held 10-20 December 2018, in Kampala, Uganda, co-hosted by Makerere University. Building on the success of the previous JUAMI schools, the lectures of JUAMI 2018 focused on Materials for Sustainable Energy, covering areas from perovskite solar cells to flow batteries. As with prior JUAMI schools, JUAMI fellowships fully funded US and African students to attend and participate in the entire two week program. Instruction were provided to approximately 65 graduate students: 40-45 from Africa, 20-25 from the US, and several others from elsewhere depending on financial resources.

All Fellows are expected to participate for the entirety of the two-week program.

Applications have closed for JUAMI 2018.